Working with local, state and federal partners, CVAC offers:

CRISIS INTERVENTION – We give assistance by phone and in person, in hospitals and in court rooms, wherever victims need our help.

SUPPORT GROUPS – CVAC provides a safe, supportive place where victims of any type of crime can find understanding and help through sharing their tragedies and triumphs, their pain and healing with one another and can begin to put their lives back together. A multitude of emotions can leave victims feeling overwhelmed and extremely isolated. Through group discussions, participants learn how to avoid becoming immobilized by depression, discover methods to cope with fear and anxiety and learn coping skills to handle the many tasks and decisions they face. (Please contact the CVAC office for times and locations of various groups.)

ASSISTANCE IN FILING VICTIMS’ COMPENSATION – The Georgia Crime Victims Compensation Program reimburses victims for such things as hospital costs, funeral services and lost wages. CVAC staff and volunteers assist victims in completing the compensation forms and provide a thorough explanation to victims on how to file the forms correctly to expedite payment, by minimizing mistakes which delay claim processing.

EDUCATION REGARDING THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM – CVAC staff explain to victims how the court and prison systems work, in order to prevent the confusion and surprise which frustrates and re-victimizes victims. CVAC assists victims in preparing Victim Impact Statements, finding out the status of their cases and accessing state and local resources for crime victims.

INFORMATION AND APPROPRIATE REFERRALS FOR THE STATE OF GEORGIA – CVAC offers county-specific referrals for services victims need.

CRIME VICTIMS’ MEMORIAL SERVICE – CVAC kicks off National Crime Victims’ Rights Week by holding its annual crime victims’ memorial service where the community gathers to help crime victims heal. This yearly service honors victims of homicide or deaths caused by DUI. The memorial service provides an opportunity for family and friends who have lost loved ones to gather, share their feelings, move forward in the healing process and grow stronger together. Most of the speakers are victims themselves or victim advocates. A reception following the service allows participants to meet with volunteers, share their stories and learn about resources available to crime victims.

LEGISLATIVE EFFORTS - CVAC initiates, tracks and supports changes in the law which benefit crime victims and their families on both a state and a national level.

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That crime victims be few and that each be made whole.


CVAC is dedicated to preventing crime and assisting crime victims and their families and communities in Georgia through quality education, advocacy, counseling, and legislative initiatives.


•    Every person is uniquely created in God’s image and born into a world where sin is present and separates us from God.

•    God calls us to address victims’ harms and needs, hold offenders accountable to put right those harms, and involve victims, offenders, and communities in a restorative process.

•    With God’s direction and through the power of the Holy Spirit, we seek ways to heal broken hearts and reconcile shattered relationships, respecting the individuality and worth of each person.

•    It is through Christ that all things are possible.